Savvy Scottie Magazine - Our Story

Our story, as with so many other people, began with a glimpse - a glimpse of a Scottish Terrier on a stroll.  While seated on the front steps of my grandparents' Victorian home as a young child, I spied a dignified gentleman - a man I would later learn to be the president of the local bank in the small town where my grandparents lived, and I was born.  On that cool autumn day, I noticed Mr. MacW, walking along the street with a small black dog.  There was something about the way the dog was shaped and moved, its head held high with an air of confidence that even I, an eight year-old boy, could perceive.  For decades after that first encounter, I kept that image tucked into my mind, knowing that, when I had my first dog, it would be a Scottish Terrier.

Time and life passed, and, after purchasing my home and settling with my family, I remembered Mr. MacW's Scottie.  As luck would have it, I adopted my first in a long line of Scotties, a wonderful brindled male whom I called Harry Montgomery Scott, satisfying my inner nerd (yes, as in the "Beam me up" variety!)  as well as my need for the wee black dog.  Harry was everything that I expected and more from a Scottie:  salty, stubborn, loyal and strong until I lost him to cancer on Christmas Day.

After nearly two years of mending my soul, I adopted my second Scottie, Kerrigan - a big lovable brute of nearly forty pounds and as black as midnight!  He brought "Scottie love" back into our home, and I was very content.  He lived too short of a life, his heart being too small physically to support his soulful huge heart and build.  Kerrigan departed suddenly two weeks before Christmas.

During the time that we had Kerrigan, we encountered a beautiful "Wheatie Sweetie", whom we could not resist.  Finnegan (aka Peanut due to his size, shape and wonderful earthy aroma) was our first wheaten Scottie.  He was a show dog for a few years, but, ultimately, we preferred having him as our companion versus in the ring competing.  After the sudden loss of Kerrigan, Finnegan went into a deep depression.  It was clear to us that my usual mourning period would need alteration to bring light back into Finnegan's life.

We met our latest Scottie, Dudley, named after the character in the holiday movie, "The Bishop's Wife", an angel if there ever is one.  He is a lovable lap dog with the most sweet personality that we've ever encountered.  His big brother was healed, and we were happy.  He has helped the family to mend after Finnegan's departure to the Rainbow Bridge after a valiant fight at age twelve to bladder cancer.

During this period, I discovered a gap in Scottish Terrier publications with the demise of both a popular collectors' and a second longstanding Scottie magazine.  After many discussions and having connections in many areas of the Scottie world, our firm decided to publish our own magazine, covering departments with research and interviews in Scottish Terrier health, history, fiction articles, collecting, rescue, show, grooming and more.  We will also provide a forum for input from subscribers by way of letters to the editor and sell ads as time and space permit.

Savvy Scottie Magazine will be published, beginning in the first quarter of 2015, as a magazine, and through the year, we plan to offer electronic-based content for subscribers on the go.

We hope that our subscribers enjoy this new venture as we do providing it to Scottish Terrier aficionados worldwide for many years to come!